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    The subscription rate for 2024 is £2-19 per month, which is £26-28 for the year.  If you are not a GMP pensioner then we won't be taking your subscription direct from your pension every month and you will have to pay us.  If you have paid us already by BACS then well done and award yourself two Brownie points.  If you paid us through BACS and put the reference as "NARPO" or something similar  take one of the Brownie points away because that doesn't tell us who has paid.  In that case please communicate with the Treasurer, and use your name and/or membership number as the reference in future.  There is a significant group who joined as Associates before they retired or in anticipation of receiving a deferred pension who have never informed us that their pension is now in payment so their subscriptions from pension have not been activated (and they have not been granted the privileges of full membership).  If you are in that position then please tell us so that we can arrange to take your money!  Treasurer poised to receive it.


   Our Branch has members all over the world. A large number are naturally in England and Wales, where NARPO has a network of branches. If you live outside our area, it may be useful for you to be in touch with the local branch where you live, but you may not be aware that you can join other branches as an additional member. You may well be asked to pay an additional subscription, but it should not exceed the amount of your main subscription retained by your own branch, which is £15.77. Enquire with the Secretary of the Branch you wish to join additionally.


Our appeal against the judgement in May was held at the Appeal Court (Queen's Bench Division) sitting in Manchester on 30th November, and judgement was handed down on 21st December 2022.  The appeal was not allowed, so there is no change to widow(er)s' position.  On the advice of counsel, NARPO will not be appealing to the Supreme Court, but will continue to campaign to pursuade MPs and the public of the injustice of the current law.  NARPO's press release is here, and contains a link to the full judgement.



        Towergate announced on 4th March 2022 that they have negotiated a new policy.  Full details have not been announced, but the following differences are apparent:

        Everyone will be required to provide all medical information requested;
        Premiums will be individually assessed, but we get 5% discount on standard rates;
        Annual multi-trip cover will not be provided on renewal or proposal after the age of 85, but single trip policies will be available up to the age of 115.


May 2024

June 2024

July 2024

Stephen Davies                   £300

Martin Cunliffe              £300

Gary Cashmore            £1,000

Simon Robbie                      £200

Jim Cropper                   £200

S. Turner                         £400

Christine Milner                   £100

Maureen Graham                      £100

Michael Kerrigan             £100

S&S LOTTERY RESULTS: Winners in bold are retired members.






M. Vesey

T. O'Hara

S. P. Loughlin (£1,000)


A. Fox

D. Gilmartin

Asif Meman

Stuart John Gunner

A. Worrall

S. Chester

E. M. Holt

W. Flitcroft

C. Orrell

L. Royales

Neil Andrew Smith

J. Simons

P. Tighe

E. McLernon

A. Moore

C. Stansfield

P. Dransfield

A. Goode

B. Cliffe

E. Halstead

K. Bentley

D. Woodward

Peter Barnes

A. J. Dyson

I. Coop

S. Gathercole

J. Hurst

J. Tooley

D. E. Regan

P. Young

K. Johnston

K. Hudson

P. Tighe

P. Sellers

K. Haslam

Sarah Louise Hunt

C. Lindley

Carol Anne Jagger

Kate Hilton

V. Hill

N. J. Priest

P. Air

J. Horrocks

A. J. Wainwright

L. Fullelove

P. Grimbaldeston

Jonathan Waywell

J. Halliwell

C. D. Topping

A. Jordan

C. Batley

A. Ferrario

P22    060


    This firm advertised in NARPO News for a number of years, but have been closed down by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority.  Many members have used their services in the past and it may be that your will has been lodged with them for safekeeping.  If that is the case it will have been transferred to another firm of solicitors depending on at which office the original was held.

    The SRA has appointed Gordons LLP to close down the business and for further information please access their website.


    The Branch has subscribed to the digital version of the Consumers' Association magazine 'Which?'.  To obtain the log-in details please email your request to the Secretary.

    This is for our members only, and the password will be changed regularly.